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Edwin Jager Iconometer #47 MoMA Fugue Iconometer #47 is titled , MoMA Fugue, and it exemplifies how I use Iconometer as a tool for investigation and experimentation. I had the opportunity to create this piece while I was the Visiting Artist at the Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin.  If you’re in the Appleton, Wisconsin area any time before May 7, 2017, a limited-edition version of this issue is on view as part of the “ Selectionsfrom the Paper Fox Printmaking Collection ” exhibition at Lawrence University’s Wriston Art Center Galleries. Iconometer #47 is a serigraph that exists in two important states: as a small edition of signed and numbered prints and trimmed and folded to become an issue of Iconometer. Edwin Jager: MoMA Fugue (2012) Key inspiration for this issue can be found in the research for my Liquid into My Skin project . It’s a series of installation and sculptural works that assemble photographic transp