My Record Collection from A–Z

Alvvays is a relatively new band from Toronto. I don’t quite remember how I heard about them but I like them quite a bit. They’ve been played a lot on college radio, topping charts and whatnot so I’m pretty much just jumping on a bandwagon here. They have a low-fi, noisey pop sound that reminds me a lot of the late 80s band, the Primitives (they will appear later in this blog but here’s a little sample: There’s a similar contrast between the jangly, feedback guitars and the sweet, almost childlike quality to the singer’s voice.

The only complaint I have are the songs here and there that seem just a bit out of reach for the singer, like she just can’t quite hit that high note. At other times these songs remind me a bit too much of the Cardigans or a bunch of kids trying to sing Christmas carols.

I watched them on this summer, playing Lollapalooza. They seemed to exhibit a comical lack of stage pre…
My Record Collection from A–Z
My record reviews aren’t off to the best start, as listening to these three Alt-J records leaves me a bit indifferent in a manner similar to Algiers.

Maybe it’s the lead singer’s voice, described in a pitchfork review: “The biggest offense one could take is the way Joe Newman sings through his nose, like a mean-spirited hobbit mocking the singing voice of another hobbit.” Ouch. Maybe it’s the eclecticism of the songs or that music nerd aesthetic that seems to hang over the band. Sometimes all of the layers come together in a captivating way but a lot of the time I’m just wondering if they’re doing one of those “let’s explore a century of musical styles” project. And what is it about English rock bands and English folk music? Can’t say that the genre appeals to my ears and I have to endure it so often—Cream, Led Zeppelin—who hasn’t indulged?

But they did win the Mercury Prize and were touted as the “next Radiohead”, so what do I know? Can’t imagine bei…
My Record Collection from A–Z A few years ago, I started posting my vinyl on facebook. The idea was to listen to the record, post some pictures of the artwork and share my thoughts about the album. When I started, I actually did a record a day for a month or so but that became unsustainable. Gaps started to form. I started to do multiple albums in a post and then…ran out of steam. I've wanted to revive the project for some time and this blog seems like a great place to do it.
So, look forward to posts about my record collection. Just the vinyl. Maybe we'll get into the CDs and cassettes (!?) at a later date. I'll drop in links and references where appropriate. The images aren't going to be super great—mostly for documentation and speed in posting. Those of you who followed this the first time around will have to endure some repeats (at least up until the Js) but I'll do my best to make reading the posts worth the time and effort.

Algiers I first heard this band on an “…
Iconometer #48 How It’s Made.

After #48 was mailed, John Deason (Subscriber 1998), asked me a couple of questions about how the issue was put together. I thought others might be interested in how the issue was put together, step by step.

You can link to the original blogpost here: