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My Record Collection from A–Z The Animals: The Most Of Ok, just for fun, I thought I would try to get through a record a day here on Facebook...alphabetically. Could be fun and maybe a bit embarrassing. I remember an The Onion article once called something like, "Roomate's taste in music is drawn into question by single record in collection." I'll stick to the vinyl... Anyway, here's the first one. The Best of The Animals . I don't really gravitate towards greatest hits records but I believe my friend Darren Lichty gave it to me in high school.  So, that's how I started this project the first time around (four years ago!?). With the Animals. And it's true, there are definitely some records coming up where my taste will be drawn into question. Including this one, not because it’s the Animals but because it’s a greatest hits collection. I think “The Most Of” was a series of greatest hits records. I should probably get some legitimate Animals albums to