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My Record Collection from A–Z Aphex Twin I didn’t intend for there to be such a long duration between posts. Being hospitalized back in April didn’t help but mostly I’ve just struggled with Aphex Twin because every time I start to work on it I fall down a crazy Richard D. James rabbit hole. Each link leads to another fascinating connection and before I realize it, I’ve watched a few hours worth of video. His liberal attitude towards uploading his music and also everyone’s collective fascination with his work has generated so much information and mystique that, well, it’s hard to finally put it all down in one blog post. I also need to publish this before I get anymore Aphex Twin EPs and LPs and start all over down that rabbit hole.  I stumbled upon a BBC radio broadcast that touches on all my key points in a much more coherent and interesting way.  So, I recommend listening to the show while you look at the pictures in this blog: A