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It’s hard to think of a band that's more '80s sounding than Animotion. From the clever word play of the band name to the cover art to the band member photographs on the back. So stylish. And happy. This is not a record that I’ve retained from my youth. I think I pulled it from the dollar bin a few years back. 

The first track, Obsession, is probably their most well-known song—at least to me. Lots of synthesizer. Very dramatic. And amazingly stalkerish lyrics. It should make anyone's stalker play list, and it has:…/The…/the_greatest_stalking_songs/

Here’s the video:
And, in keeping with the 80s songwriting rulebook, the song breaks down into an aggressive guitar solo at the end. At some point, you have to shred.

Those of you who grew up or live anywhere near Toronto would recognize this song as the theme music for Fashion Television. Originally on City TV. It was actually a pretty cool show as topics ranged beyond fashion into design and architecture and in a pre-internet age, it was really one of the only opportunities to see/hear about design every week.

Here are the closing credits as an example (complete with video tape sound and distortion).

And some bonus nostalgia (mostly for my Canadian readers), a CityTV promo that includes Fashion Television, The New Music and…What Up Oprah?!

The second last track on the album sounds like the perfect 80s movie montage soundtrack. Whether it’s cramming for finals, building up a new wardrobe, new dance moves or building a homemade rocket launcher, you know that at the completion of this song, things are going to get real.

And you have an opportunity to live the 80s again or for the first time as they’re touring. Check out this lineup! Hair. Spray it if you got it.

Lost 80s Live -
with Wang Chung, A Flock of Seagulls, Men Without Hats, Farrington + Mann - When In Rome UK, Dramarama, Gene Loves Jezebel



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